So who is Dibble?  She’s your neighbor, your friend, your sister…she’s you!


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So who is Dibble?  She's your neighbor, your friend, your sister...she's YOU!  Striving to be everything to everybody, sometimes she gets tripped up by all her multi tasking.  But it's in Dibble's imperfections that we find ourselves relating to her and being able to laugh at ourselves! At The Dibble Company we are ushering out the era of perfection (bye Martha!) and ushering in the era of Dibble.

A question we are often asked is how we came up with the name "Dibble".  Subsequent to naming our character, we have discovered that a "dibble" is a gardening tool and quite a common last name.  Let us assure you that the origin of our character's name has nothing to do with these!  Actually, it's a story of a personal nature. 

My sister Debbie has three children (now adults) and when her youngest daughter would get in trouble, she would write apology notes to my sister.  But instead of addressing these letters to "mom", Jessie addressed the letters to "Debbie".  Only her writing was in its beginning stages and her "e's" looked like "i's" and her "i's" looked like "l's".  And so "Debbie" looked like "Dibble".  It didn't take long for her immediate family to start referring to her as "Dibble" and that name spread throughout the extended family and when it came time to name our character who is a woman with too much to do and not enough time, Dibble seemed like a natural!

We decided to give Dibble life through a line of unique and fun greeting cards.  Our cards are high quality, affordable, and come with a bright colored envelope.  The intent is for the cards to multi task.  That is, they can be used for any occasion so you'll always have the perfect card on hand for any occasion. 

We supplemented the line with products that Dibble could use to enhance her life.  We have an interview journal that is more than a baby book.  Our journal interviews the child until age 18 on their birthday, first and last day of school, and New Year's Day.  What we love about this book is that you do it WITH your child and it becomes a special tradition.  We also knew that Dibble needed a way to keep some order in her world.  So we came up with a calendar/planner where you can track up to 5 schedules all on the same planner.  It's a new design and not only keeps your family organized, but helps your children become part of the process. 

Our company mission is to recognize the humor behind the demise of Dibble's best laid plans and to provide a way to laugh at the chaos created by too little time and too much to do.  Although humor is the cornerstone, our products can also be sensitve and useful and, like Dibble, multi task. 

While The Dibble Company started out as a project between me and my nepehew Dan (Debbie's son), it has become a labor of love for me and one that is enjoying much initial success.  We sold our first card (thanks Carolyn Doty!) January 2005 and as of today we are in about forty stores across the country.  But this success did not happen alone.  The support that I have been shown by my family, friends, artists, and other women business owners has been phenomonal.  It's true that great things can happen within an environment of support and encouragement. 

 Our long term goal is to find large distribution channels to build Dibble into an International enterprise.  We'll keep you posted!

Julie Graham


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